Can we buy you lunch?

Photo by Spencer Davis / Unsplash

The cornerstone of Reimbi's purpose is candidate experience. Reimbi takes one piece of the candidate journey and does it exceptionally well: reimbursing candidates for their interview expenses.

Have you ever waited weeks for a candidate to be reimbursed for interview expenses? That was not a good candidate experience.

Have you ever sent a spreadsheet to a candidate for them to submit interview expenses for reimbursement? That was not a good candidate experience.

But how do you know Reimbi will be better? You could talk to any of our customers. You could speak to the thousands of candidates reimbursed through Reimbi. Those are ways to hear how much better Reimbi is for candidate reimbursements.

Here is another way. We'll show you Reimbi, and while we are on the call, we'll reimburse you for lunch that day. You buy yourself lunch from anywhere, and we'll reimburse you for your lunch, up to $25.

For this lunch offer, you must be in a recruiting, recruiting operations, candidate experience, or similar role where you are involved in your company's candidate reimbursement process. We'll reimburse one person per demo call.

You'll see how great Reimbi is for you and your team on our call. You'll also see firsthand how nice it is to be reimbursed quickly and easily.

Who's ready for lunch? Let's get it booked.

Team Reimbi

Team Reimbi

Portland, Oregon