Are you using the EEK method to reimburse candidate interview expenses?

Have you ever heard of the EEK reimbursement method? You probably haven’t because it is a name we made up. But the process it refers to is real.

It is a reimbursement process that goes something like this:




You email your job candidate an excel spreadsheet for them to log their expenses. Then the candidate fills that spreadsheet out and then emails it back to you with a bunch of receipts attached.

Are you nodding your head yet?

After you get the spreadsheet and receipts back you review everything and then email that over to accounting. Then accounting does some really sloooow magic that results in a check being sent out to your candidate 4 weeks later.

Nailed it, right? That’s your process.


You don’t like it. Accounting doesn’t like it. The candidate really doesn’t like it. What do you do?

This may be a shocking development but I’m going to encourage you to check out Reimbi. What if, just imagine, a tool existed that was built specifically for candidate reimbursements? Well, that’s Reimbi.

Something that allowed your candidates to be reimbursed through Venmo, PayPal, or just about any other way they wished to be reimbursed? That’s Reimbi.

Something that would make the recruiting team happy, accounting happy, and job candidates super happy? That’s Reimbi.

You have 5 minutes to check that out, right?

Team Reimbi

Team Reimbi

Portland, Oregon