Why do accounting professionals love Reimbi?

If your job title includes “recruiting” or “talent acquisition” you probably are using Reimbi (or looking at it) due to your interest in candidate experience. Because Reimbi reimburses candidates so easily and quickly, our customers see a big improvement in candidate experience.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret though. The genesis for building Reimbi had little to do with candidate experience. We saw the problem that accounting people were facing with candidate reimbursements and wanted to do something about that!

Why does it take so long for companies not using Reimbi to reimburse candidates? It all comes down to the “one time vendor” problem. (Recruiters before I lose you here, just forward the link to this post to your accounting or procurement team).

You see, companies are pretty darn good at issuing payments to employees and vendors. These are recurring payments where collecting the necessary forms, tax information, bank accounts, etc is just part of the machine. But job candidates do not fit in either one of those buckets. Candidates are clearly not employees. They aren’t going to get access to your employee reimbursement system. They also aren’t vendors. However given the choice between employee and vendor, candidates get classified as vendors in order to issue a payment. What does this mean? 1099s, payment terms, purchase orders, check runs, and all of the other corporate reasons why it will now take candidates 30, 45, or 60 days to see payment for their interview expenses. Ugh.

The truth is accounting people don’t even want to see these payments. The payouts are not part of the routine and most importantly, they generally only happen one time for each candidate. It’s work to setup a new vendor and if you are doing it for one or at most two payments, what’s the point?

We solved that problem with Reimbi. Now your candidate will never have to be created as a vendor, there won’t be any special check runs to go outside the normal process and Reimbi provides the accounting team all of the information they need to properly allocate costs.

That is why accounting professionals love Reimbi. And if you are a recruiter that has made it this far (hopefully this wasn’t too painful) then you are going to love Reimbi for the candidate experience it provides.

Let’s do this.

Team Reimbi

Team Reimbi

Portland, Oregon