Lois isn't here for it

Here is a probably familiar story. You have a candidate that was brought in from out of town. She needs to be reimbursed for the parking at her home airport, a Lyft ride to your office, and a coffee she grabbed on her way to the interview. Small dollars, but essential to get your candidate reimbursed. However, you are dreading the hassle.

First, you are slightly embarrassed to make your candidate fill out a spreadsheet and ask her to email that to you with the receipts. Not the look your company is going for, but that’s the process. After getting the information from the candidate, the real trouble is about to start. After opening the spreadsheet and verifying the receipts, you forward the expense report to ap@yourcompany.com. You kindly ask:

Hey Lois, This candidate did great on her interview and it looks like we are going to make her an offer! Could you expedite the payment of this expense report? I’ve reviewed the attached and everything is in policy. A quick payment would help us look good.
Thanks for your help!
Mary - Recruiting Operations

You hit send. Oh oh.

Hi Lois, I forgot to attach the expense report and receipts. Sorry! Here they are.
Mary - Recruiting Operations

You’ve been through this before, and your hopes are not high. You’ve had candidates have to wait six weeks before they received their check. Your company only issues checks, not even direct deposit! Maybe the process has changed, perhaps it’s better now.

You know the drill. You have to fill out a vendor form so that we can create this candidate in the system. That’s the only way to get a check out. Fill out the attached form and then send that back with the expense report and receipts all in one email. Then we can start the process.
Lois - AP Supervisor

You aren’t one to give up, but you’ve been through this so many times. So you fill out the vendor form, start a new email and make sure everything is attached. You look at the spreadsheet again. $41.97. That is what this reimbursement total is. So much work!

Hi Lois,
Attached is the vendor form, expense report and receipts. Can you give me an idea on when this will be paid out? Coffee on me if we can make this happen by the end of the week!
Mary - Recruiting Operations


I won’t be able to enter this in until next week at the earliest. It’s month end close and I have a bunch of other actual vendors that need to be created and invoices processed. All vendors, including your candidate, are under NT30 payment terms so it’s going to be later next month before the check goes out. Also remember we only do check runs on Thursdays.
I’ll tell you what - I’ll get this in first thing on Monday. At least that will get the clock ticking on the payment date.
I’ll take a double mocha.
Lois - AP Supervisor

There it is. Another candidate experience crushed by “the process.” Have you been through that before? It’s frustrating for you and honestly for Lois too. But imagine what your candidate thinks!

Luckily there is a better way. Check out Reimbi (reimbi.com) and learn how you can be the hero for your candidates, your recruiting team, and Lois!

Team Reimbi

Team Reimbi

Portland, Oregon