Reimburse in 24 Hours: The New Candidate Experience Gold Standard

When you invite candidates on-site to interview for an open position at your company, it's inevitable that they will incur some expenses in the process. Travel costs, hotel stays, transportation, meals - it all adds up quickly. As a considerate, candidate-focused company, you should make every effort to reimburse candidates for reasonable interview expenses within 24 hours.

Reimbursing candidates within a day shows respect for their time and financial situation. Candidates are taking time off work, rearranging schedules, and spending their own money to attend your interviews. Making them wait weeks or months to recover costs adds unnecessary hassle and anxiety. Slow reimbursement processes also tend to get dragged out, with candidates having to ask about the status repeatedly. 

By getting interview expenses reimbursed within 24 hours, your company leaves a highly positive impression on candidates. It demonstrates your efficiency, understanding, and commitment to a great candidate experience. Candidates will appreciate that you value and respect their efforts during the hiring process.

Quick reimbursement can significantly advantage your company over others with cumbersome processes.

To achieve a 24-hour turnaround, firstly, inform candidates upfront about what expenses are reimbursable and any guidelines to follow. Make the submission process fast and easy through an online form, mobile app, or dedicated email address. Empower someone on your recruiting team to handle approvals and payments without delay. Consider using direct deposit or digital wallets to send funds instantly. Of course, you could just use Reimbi to ensure all this is covered!

Most importantly, get leadership buy-in about the importance of fast reimbursement. Make it a company policy to get candidates reimbursed within a day. By prioritizing this, you’ll ensure candidates have an outstanding experience throughout your hiring process. In turn, they will become powerful advocates who refer other talented people your way. 

This is particularly important for university hires and other early career candidates. As students or recent graduates, these candidates are likely on tight budgets and can scarcely afford any interview expenses without reimbursement. Making them wait long to recover costs may mean they struggle to pay bills or other expenses. Show that your company acknowledges their situation by expediting the reimbursement process. Your understanding and efficiency will leave an extremely positive impression as they embark on their careers.

How you treat candidates says volumes about your company's culture and values. Reimbursing quickly and fairly reflects highly on your brand. Candidates will be enthusiastic about joining a thoughtful, candidate-focused organization. Commit to fast reimbursement and set your employer brand apart.

Team Reimbi

Team Reimbi

Portland, Oregon