Interviews & Beer

In the Reimbi Slack, our team usually discusses customer needs, testing, a contract status, or something else related to the day-to-day work of a growing software company. But we also like to chat about beer. Good beer. We could be discussing the craft beer scene in Poland or Portland, a brewery someone wants to visit on an upcoming road trip, or a new discovery at the local market.

These two interests came together in the form of supporting alcohol restrictions in candidate reimbursement policies. There are two camps. Either a company doesn’t mention alcohol at all in its policy, or there is a statement that makes alcohol expenses not reimbursable. For the latter, we saw expense reports being rejected and a candidate having to resubmit the expense report with the alcohol charges removed. This was a hassle for the approver and for the candidate. And probably a little uncomfortable for everyone. So we fixed it.

Reimbi offers a policy configuration that, when activated, requires the candidate to confirm before submitting their expense report that it is clear of alcohol expenses.


Team Reimbi

Team Reimbi

Portland, Oregon